Murphy Bed Benefits

The main benefits of investing in a Murphy bed are the amount of space it can save, the increased storage capacity, and the high level of comfort that it provides so that you can sleep in your Murphy bed every night.

1: Save Space

A Murphy bed’s ability to fold up against the wall into a wardrobe looking frame, means that most people buy a Murphy bed so that they can create a multi-functional room that can be used for sleeping at night and for other activities in the day like studying because of the amount of floor space that the bed creates when folded away.

Some Murphy beds also come with additional functionality such as a desk, shelves or bookcase to add more value to the room whilst taking up the least amount of space.

2: You can take your Murphy bed with you if you move.

3: It sleeps no different than any bed you may have.

Murphy Beds Are Safe

Murphy beds are incredibly safe due to their design that features safety catches and hydraulics to prevent the bed from falling, and counterbalancing to stop the bed from folding up when you’re lying on it.